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Cuddapah is housing the rich cultural heritage and glorious history. It is situated in the south-central area in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is quite popularly known as the Heart of Rayalaseema. Cuddapah is another name for Kadapa and settled in the lap of Palkonda Hills and Nallamala Hills. The scenic view of these hills is amazing and no one can miss this picturesque view. This destination has the influence of many reigns and this can be easily seen in the lifestyle of the city. If you are visiting Kadapa, then you will experience the fine artistry and cultural richness in every part of the city. Some of the popular places are as follows: Gandikota Fort: This beautiful creation was built in the 13th century and its architecture is influenced nu the Quli Qutb and Vijayanagar style. Situated in the magnificent landscape will give you an amazing feeling.
Belum Caves: It is one of the longest caves in India. Pataalaganga is the deepest point in the cave which is must place to see in t…

A day for your Valentine!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner; so, why not spoil your sweetheart with something more than a just a bunch of roses and a box of chocolates? Why not show your love and compassion with some serious style, spending time together at a romantic destination. It is amusing to see so many people rushing around to prove their true love for that “special” person in their life. They put in all of their efforts on that one day… but what happens when the roses have died and the chocolates have all been gobbled up? The memories of time spent with our loved ones are the things that will remain with us for a life time, nothing can replace that.

To start with, Valentine’s Day is actually an opportunity for us to truly reconnect with the real meaning of this day. It is about love, sharing and exploring. Rather than just focusing on what fancy gift we can give to our loved one, let us get away from the routine and just soak up the beauty of the many places that are there to visit in India.

The Land of Victory to conquer ALL!


Trujet now connecting Vijaywada with Goa, Aurangabad, Tirupati & Bellary via Hyderabad!!

5 things to know about our "Land of Victory"

1)Located on the banks of Krishna river in Krishna district of south coastal Andhra, Vijayawada is about 300 km fromWith a population of over a million as per 2011 census, Vijayawada is a major commercial hub. Some of the best educational institutes, be it high schools or engineering or medical colleges, are situated in the city. Looking at the number of institutes, the city is often referred to as Vidyalawada (place of education). 

2)Infrastructure-wise, the city is blessed with a thermal power plant and a unique railway line that connects the northern and southern parts of the country. Any capital would prefer to have unhindered supply of water. Thanks to Prakasam Barrage, that need will be fulfilled. The bridges on Krishna river, the Vijayawada-Amaravati-Mangalagiri ring roads make a further case for the to-be capit…

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Recruitment of Captains on Turbo Prop
The Pilot has to go through internal assessment, Interview and any other pre-requisite as deemed necessary by the selection board.
i.Upgrade of Captains within the TMAPL a pilot shall fulfill the following minimum requirements:
·Should be Indian national;

Trujet now in the "CITY of VICTORY"

Vidyanagar Township which belongs to the Jindal steels serves the nearest airport connectivity to the city of "Hampi" as the Jindal Vijaynagar Airport.
Hampi is a world of its own which has managed to defy the assaults of time.Once the cradle of the mighty Vijayanagara Empire, Hampi today is a prime tourist attraction and a UNESCO World Heritage site.  In short, backpack to Hampi and simply soak in the “Hampi spirit”.

With plenty of ruins to explore, Hampi is alluring and to a certain extent enigmatic. There are humongous boulders piled high around the ruins. The landscape and the ruins are beautiful. The experience is bewitching with spell-bounding landscapes, sandy temples and ruins dotted across some of the most spectacular scenery. It’s a brilliant spot to relax and rejuvenate.

Venture into the nearby areas on the banks of Tungabhadra to find tranquilityHampi offers an interesting cocktail of medieval heritage and traditions.